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August 26th, 2021 (12:15)

The female Gray greets me. She looks more feminine, clad in some form of fashion-based holographic disguise today. I compliment her while letting her I know it is an odd thing to say. She seems to exude an air of happiness.

There is a staircase in front of us, different from the one I have seen before. Behind the staircase, a small area has a shelf and compartments above, looking a bit like a kitchenette. An indentation on the shelf is reminiscent of a sink. I ask if this is their kitchen. She tells me it differs from a kitchen because it is where they store both nutrition and medical equipment.

It all seems rather small and placed behind stairs as if in an afterthought. I comment on how they must not use a wide variety of items. She reminds me that looks can deceive here, and notes that each “child” has a specific amount of nutrition given based on various factors. I ask if they eat as we do on Earth, while also thinking that it would be odd to see a toilet on board. She tells me they do not eat, digest, or defecate as we do. Nutrition is applied to the skin.

I think back to abduction stories of Grays soaking in liquid, which was speculated to be nutrition of some sort. She interrupts this line of thought to tell me they do not apply it in that manner. I am suddenly (using their virtual technology) in a room where a handful of children of various ages are sitting on benches topped with tables, each table featuring an indentation in the middle. Large capsules of various colors arrive in the indentations; the children break these capsules, a colored vapor comes out, and they do something that involves some tilt of the head and approaching the material; from my viewpoint as an observer it feels impossible to understand.

After the confusion, my thoughts turn back to how different she looks today. There is, of course, no boundary between my thoughts and her ability to understand them. She suggests we attempt to form an intimate connection. The vision she places in my mind of what the act entails is incomprehensible. She describes it as form spiritual coupling. Before I can even process the communication, I am instantly and powerfully compelled to bring my face close to hers and gaze into her eyes. They become extraordinarily bright and seem to engulf me. I have a sensation that our bodies are locking together. There is tremendous beauty in how her eyes are affecting me, and it feels as if not only are our bodies blending into one, but our minds as well. A vast and glorious infinity of wonder and knowledge is cascading over me. She understands I am experiencing a rare form of ecstasy and tells me it is pleasurable for her as well, as she is experiencing the range of emotions a soul provides to humans. Time is even more meaningless than usual.

Closure interrupts us and begins to pull me out. As I leave, she insinuates we can engage in this activity again any time. Despite (or perhaps because of) the extraordinary intensity of the experience, I am left embarrassed and a little disgusted. From start to finish, the process seems to have been a calculated seduction on her part. Feels dangerously addictive.


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