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June 23rd, 2021 (12:30)

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

For about two weeks, I could not project. I began having difficulty immediately after I told a few people about the sessions, and wonder if that is a coincidence or something else. After a couple of weeks of keeping this to myself, I am finally successful.

  Searing pain in my eyes from intense white light. Struggling to stay present, I’m told to relax by an unknown entity. This calms me down, the pain disappears, and now all I see is white fog. This is unsettling in some undefinable way. I ask if I can go to the familiar window with the view of Earth. My location changes and I am now in front of a window, but not the one I am accustomed to. This seems to be in the same room I first projected to on June 8th, with the control panel. The view here is different with Earth farther in the distance. For the first time, I recognize we are above Japan, which is obscured somewhat by cloud cover. I ask why the view is different and am told that they have traveled farther out.

  Still not feeling fully present or comfortable in my surroundings, I request to go to the other window. Whoever is guiding me responds this window is fine (the attitude strikes me as rather dismissive). Since I cannot recognize or see who I am communicating with, I request they make themselves present. Hearing a telepathic version of “I’m right here next to you,” I look to my right and see a very typical small grey. Intuitively, I recognize that this is a masculine type, yet he wears no clothing or disguise that would indicate so. I ask if I have met him before, and he tells me he is more or less the same as the others (not sure what this is supposed to mean, it feels like something I may not be capable of understanding).

  He asks me what I would like to see, but quickly and easily understands I am open to whatever they want to show. We spontaneously appear in a room that feels like the lower level of a ship. The décor is almost as if it’s a captain’s quarters on an old sailing ship. In the middle of the room is a large desk with one chair behind it and another to the side. The walls are lined with books. I ask him to remove the concealment and show me what it really looks like. He tells me that does not matter and it is easier for me to understand in this form. It is explained that the books on these shelves contain everything in history. Unsure if he means human history or something on a larger scale, but he doesn’t elaborate. Taking a book out and opening it, there aren’t any pages but moving images that pop up in three dimensions. Something akin to a hologram.

  Seeing this level of technology in an 18th-century setting is very distracting, so I insist on seeing the actual form of the room. The accouterments disappear and all that is left is the chair behind a desk and the additional chair next to those. What formerly appeared to be a book is revealed to be what looks like a slab of plastic. The walls are now smooth and bare. All that I see is that same slightly off-white color that matches almost every single thing on this ship. He explains that all the information shown in these pads is contained within the walls of the room. Taking the slab and touching it to the wall, more of the same type of images appear on the device. There is some implication that the walls “remember” the information.

  I ask if that means the ship is alive. He tells me it is not alive in terms of being a living being, but the manufacturing process is more similar to making a living thing than the way we manufacture goods. Some visions of liquid being transformed into a UFO are shown as a vision in my mind. He then turns the room back into the way it looked when we arrived. I tell him this illusion is not needed, but he ignores me or dismisses the idea. The closure process brings me out of the experience forcefully, as usual.


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