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June 25th, 2021 (14:00)

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Back in front of the window, looking down on Earth below. I ask if anyone is there, but before the thought finishes, there is a reply that someone is there. In short order, the feminine Gray greets me wearing glasses that do not suit her and only serve as a distraction. To my dismay, we are back in the “captain’s quarters” again. Exasperated, I tell her I do not want to visit this room again. I am a bit surprised when she asks me where I would like to go. Simultaneously, as I think about it, she picks up that I’m interested in the room with the capsules she showed me the first time we met. We arrive there without physically moving. 

She opens the same capsule drawer she did before. This time I notice that the capsules each contain undulating strings of energy in various colors. Some are single-colored, some multicolored, some changing, some staying the same. Recalling my time in the laboratory room where capsules were manipulated, I ask if this room is above that, given that the capsules came down from above when we were there and they are stored on the floor here. She tells me it is better not to think in terms of “above” or “below”, that is not how it works. Although she just told me spatial relationships are different here, I can somehow tell this room is nearby the room that serves as a nursery. I ask her why? For convenience, is her reply. Then are these capsules related to the babies? She explains they are basically the same thing, but they are not directly related? That makes little sense to me. She senses I would like to visit the nursery (and my infant son I saw on June 8th). While she is correct in picking up on that feeling, I remain hesitant and am not sure that I actually want to see him. We arrive instead in an empty nursery, identical to the one I saw before (perhaps the same). 

I notice they decorated similarly it to nurseries on Earth, with children’s wallpaper, a crib, baby toys scattered about. Knowing this is a projection, I ask to see how it looks in reality. She reveals how it looks with no decoration, and it is almost completely empty. The walls dividing various spaces are gone, and the only thing there is a small, molded two-step platform. The walls disappearing is something I cannot wrap my head around and is really bothering me. She tells me that things work a lot differently there. They can see and interact with things humans cannot, so some form of projection is necessary for any of it to make sense to me as a visitor. I ask why I could see the actual state of the rooms I was in during my physical abductions. She says because they were caught off guard by my consciousness, and if they had changed things in the middle of those experiences, I would not even be there right now (the nuance seems to be that I would have written off the experiences as dreams and not have become interested in this phenomenon, to begin with). 

Only later does it strike me she knew about my conscious abductions, but maybe she did not have pre-existing knowledge and rather just read my mind. The room changes back to the Nursery as it was when we arrived. Suddenly information about this room is coming so fast I have to ask her to slow down because I want to remember it in order to journal everything later. I tell her it is for my personal use, and I am not planning on telling people about the experience [obviously I have gone back on my word]. She is amused and says she understands it is for my personal use, and not to worry, I will remember upon returning to my body. 

I ask if these babies age and become old as humans do. She tells me they will age from babies into adults of an age similar to the older son who I visited before, but that their aging process stops there. I begin to wonder why this room is empty, and she urges me to see my infant son. Instead, I tell her I would like to see where these individuals are between the ages of infancy and adulthood, but she tells me there is no time for that today. I agree to visit him, and we appear in another identical room. He is floating in the air and looks like he is having fun, smiling, and enjoying moving around. I cannot help but feel a bit disappointed this room is identical to the last one. She explains the rooms are not here to entertain humans; they have utilitarian purposes and this design suits them.

I ask why he can float, but in my mind, I am thinking about him as if he is a thing, not a living being (similar to calling a person “it”). I apologize for referring to him that way. She finds this humorous and tells me that there is no difference to them between the pronouns human beings assign things. I ask what his name is. She says he has a soul, and therefore does not need a name. Names are human constructs. Up here, where you can sense an individual personality by thought alone, it makes a certain amount of sense. She tells me that babies there can do many things humans are not capable of, such as flying. The telepathic communication to me was definitely “fly” as opposed to “float”, and I correct her as if I somehow know better than she does. She apologizes for the error, which I find odd. Would she make an error? And why is she apologizing to me? Perhaps just out of courtesy? That interaction was strange and unlike anything I have experienced up here. She tells me the babies are also telepathic. 

I recognize now that he can read our thoughts, as we can read his. His thoughts are simple, like one would expect of a baby. At the same time, I also realize he does not [redacted]. She says even though he is telepathic, there are many things he cannot understand, as is usual in babies of all types. Therefore, he has little interest in our conversation other than in imparting basic feelings. I notice he is more or less doing his own thing, but shows some fascination while looking at me. She tells me this is because I appear different from them to him (something about being a different color and transparent rather than the more obvious difference of human vs. Gray). This all leads me to wonder if he is fully human. She tells me, of course he differs from “regular” humans, for he can float and communicate telepathically. There is an implication that they do something to these babies to give them these abilities, but I can’t quite understand if they are born this way or if they alter them after birth. Disappointingly, the closure process begins. I tell her I have more questions. She says she can answer them another time. I’m straining a bit to stay and she tells me they will turn things off for now. The nursery fades to black, followed by her image. I return to my body.


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