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July 28th, 2021 (15:55)

This is a room they have not shown me before, but I am having a difficult time visualizing or making sense of it. I ask for help. The female Gray is here. This room gives the impression of a loft. The ceiling seems lower, and there is an elevated portion of the room. Almost like a bed? The lighting is different than in the other rooms on the Gray craft; rooms typically have a diffuse off-white illumination, but here it is burnt orange. Soft, natural lighting that reminds me of a sunset.

Suddenly I become suspect as to her intentions and clarify that I’m not interested in anything sexual. She reassures me that is not why we are here, but that this is indeed a room for that purpose. They bring men here (in the physical realm) and sexually manipulate them to extract genetic samples. None of that makes sense to me:

1) I’ve been told they can’t reproduce.

2) Why would they possibly need more actual genetic material? They must have the technological capability to synthesize it.

She affirms they do not reproduce physically; they remove the semen for use. However, they cannot synthesize it precisely, because there is an energy of some sort involved in the physical act of making love that only beings with souls emit. The genetic material they collect in this manner is much more lively than what they could make on their own. The energy emitted by us is not only from intercourse but a wide variety of things that we consider simple biological processes. Our moods are an example. This energy makes things like ESP possible. We are constantly emitting this force and it influences the world in ways we do not understand yet. I am seeing images of the entire world being influenced by politics and other issues that generate feelings, giant waves that affect all mankind. The larger message here is profound and a lot for me to take in. This room and the procedure described make me uncomfortable and today is probably not the right day to absorb something like this.

Trying to distance myself from the deeper meaning behind all of this, I thank her for the explanation, and tell her if I ever feel like astrally copulating with I will let her know. She finds this very humorous and her head even tilts back, as if laughing. Looking at her in this state, I cannot understand how they feel these emotions if they do not have souls. She tells me they can experience these things ethereally, in the state that we are interacting with now. Reminding me they operate in both the physical and ethereal realms, in the physical, their ability to express these things is limited.

Something about this makes me sad, and her existence seems empty, experiencing second-hand emotions in the astral realm without a physical equivalent. She corrects me and explains that they do not feel an emptiness at all. It is the fact that humans have souls we feel those things. Our souls are driving us in certain directions, and if we veer off that path, we can feel the misdirection. They can experience a range of feelings ethereally, but without a soul, they lack the urges that humans do. As before, this explanation is too much for me to take in today, and I ask if I can exit early. She tells me that is fine, and almost exactly at that moment, closure pulls me out anyway.


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