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June 12th, 2021 (17:00)

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

During the induction, I am electrified and almost anxious to leave my body. Yesterday was such an incredible experience I find myself impatient for the induction to end. Upon finally projecting, I arrive in what feels to be the basement of a UFO. Again an almost painful light sears my eyes, but this place is darker than areas I have been to before. In front of me is what looks like a molded desk flanked by two tables; one sits behind it and the other sits to the side. Beyond that, I can see what might be a flight of stairs? The light in that area is not very clear. I ask where I am and am told that I am too excited and need to calm down. I recognize it is difficult to stay in astral form at this heightened emotion. My eyes are really suffering from the intensity of this light, so I ask to return to the window I saw yesterday. With no apparent motion, I arrive there and they impart a message that I am not ready to be in that basement area yet. Indeed. It is difficult to calm down, so I ask if someone can hold my hand. Not sure why I think that would help. Someone or something holds my right wrist, but this is not helping me calm down. I ask for more help and they hold my shoulders. This is enough and I can finally feel present in my surroundings, and we are suddenly back in the room that I took to be a basement.

There is a Gray with me, who I assume is the entity that helped ground me. Still not accustomed to the light, I am having a hard time looking directly at it. From what I can make out, it seems to be wearing some form of clothing and glasses. But I can instinctively tell this is not the same Gray I interacted with yesterday. Much as the Gray yesterday came across as feminine in some undefinable way, this one exhibits an air of masculinity. He asks where I would like to go, leaving me at a loss for words. How could I possibly know what there is to see or where there is to go? I tell him to take me wherever he thinks I should go.

We appear (again without physically moving) in a room that gives the impression of a laboratory. A taller Gray stands behind a counter in front of us and to the right, standing at a counter with a large vertical tube extending to the ceiling. He appears to be working with some capsules. They are smaller than the tubes I saw yesterday and encased in some form of a clear shell. I ask the Gray assisting me what is happening. He explains the capsules contain souls. Having a difficult time staying present again, and I feel like this entire scene is dematerializing in front of my eyes. I ask for help, but he says he cannot help me in the area we are in without explaining why. I manage to concentrate on the situation at hand with some effort. When I snap back into focus, the taller Gray appears quite surprised and almost comically jumps? An odd motion. His facial expression even changes. Did they find it kind of amusing?

Some capsules begin to emit the same painful light I experienced in the basement. The Gray assisting me says the light is painful because these souls are in the same state as I am in the astral. There is an implication that the light I had seen upon arrival was the light from my own soul. I ask my guide why they keep them locked up; I feel it to be rather pitiful seeing them trapped in these capsules. He tells me it is all a part of the process, not bad for them, and they will be delivered elsewhere. I watch as the tall Gray apparently finishes whatever it is he does, and the capsule he was working on shoots out. Somehow, it is communicated that they sent the capsule into space. I ask if it is going to Earth. My guide says it does not matter where they go, what matters is why (or in what form? I do not understand the nuance of this).

I ask if souls ever come back like them, reincarnated as Grays. Almost laughingly (or as laughingly as this form of telepathy can express) tells me they do not have souls. They are a different type of beings; they help the souls. That is their job, and they were created to do so. I ask him to elaborate on what kind of beings they are and he tells me I wouldn’t understand with the implication that there are multiple types of Grays. In my mind, I think that is very generous of them to devote their existence to help us. He again amused and tells me it is just their job.

My wife returns home and with the noise from other rooms, I feel it is difficult to stay present. I am popping in and out, watching my wife and son in the other room one second and back on the ship the next. As before, with considerable effort, I can refocus on our surroundings. This fills me with pride and I express this to the Gray telling him (as best I can telepathically) “I did it!” No discernable response. My wife turns on the faucet in the sink next to our bedroom; my feet feel electric. I ask him why. He says because water is a specific type of matter similar to us? As if it’s natural, and so are we, whereas the surrounding objects are not. I do not understand this and just let it go. Focusing on the water will only begin to pull me out of projection again.

I am content to simply watch the tall Gray working at this point; feeling wonderful because it feels like I have made a lot of progress and have become very comfortable with the out-of-body experience. The audio induction is wrapping up and telling me to leave. I am reluctant to leave, but understand. Telling my guide goodbye (no response to this either), I start the process of returning to my physical body. The counting up phase of the return is annoying me today; it feels too long when I am in this state of excitement. Physically back, the electrified feeling remains despite being out of the astral. Jumping out of bed, feeling almost superhuman. This electricity upon returning is invigorating.


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