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June 16th, 2021 (12:00)

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Since June 12th I could not achieve astral travel, despite trying every day. Falling asleep right before the end of the induction every time and then suddenly waking up when the audio ends. I have experimented with drinking coffee or an energy drink before the inductions, but it was not enough to keep me from falling asleep. It is possible those sessions have been successful, and I have forgotten them. Awakening at the precise end of the commands to wake up is awfully coincidental timing. Today it is very difficult to separate from the top of my head, but with enough twisting and turning with the rest of my astral body, I finally pop out. My intention today is not to visit a UFO, but to explore the upper atmosphere/low-orbit and take in the view. As soon as I exit my body, however, I see the young man who identified himself as [redacted] on June 8th waiting for me inside the room. Seeing him there changes my mind. He greets me without communication so much as acknowledgment and we shoot up to the UFO.

  When we reach it, I am once again back in the waiting area with a circular window can no longer see him. From somewhere, he tells me I have to wait. After a minute or two of idly looking down at Earth, he appears behind me, outside of the room through an opening in the wall. He asks me where I would like to go. I still have so many questions about what I was shown in the “laboratory” on June 12th. I request he take me there, but his reply is that he wants to take me somewhere else. It does not occur to me to ask why he bothered to ask if he already had an agenda. Instantaneously we are in what appears to be a very similar space as the “laboratory”, except this time it contains a white desk and two chairs, all of which look to be molded out of plastic with no sharp edges. The illumination here is colorful. Oddly, I can’t quite put my finger on why. Everything looks a bit like it is straight out of the 1960s, with bold colors and some elements that harken back to that period.

  I become distracted from the room when I inspect him. He is strikingly good-looking, unnaturally. His skin is flawless and shines a bit like the figures in a wax museum. His hair is short and neat, also shiny and shellacked to his head. The proportions of his body are perfect; he stands roughly at my height (5’8”), is muscular but not glaringly so. He is wearing some kind of a blue top that is perfectly form-fitting. Everything about him is so flawless it gives off an uncanny-valley effect. As I think to myself how beautiful he is, he tells me, “So you are you, we all are.” I do not understand this because I am referring to his physical appearance.

  I ask him to tell me about himself. What does he do on the ship? He says he takes care of his brothers, [redacted]. I ask him if I can see [redacted] I did not see during my first visit. He replies he is not in a condition to be seen right now; I get a feeling or vision that he is burned or injured and lying on a table. This is not something directly communicated and almost feels like something he is trying to hide from me, but could not do so completely because of the nature of our telepathic connection. I ask if he has a home, or somewhere that he goes when he’s not in the UFO. He is amused by the question and says that most of his time is spent here, but he has a planet that could be considered his home. He shows me a telepathic vision of what appears to be a street full of parade dancers, but very Earth-like and similar to a scene out of the 1950s. Or more accurately, like a scene from a movie based in the ‘50s. There are people (at least they look like humans) joyously watching this procession. I ask him what this was. He says it is an example of the worlds that exist elsewhere.

I am having a tough time staying separated or something is happening that causes everything to appear very distorted. My entire field of vision becomes wavy and full of static. The closure process takes me out of the experience and back to my body. I immediately restart the induction, to go back and make sense of what I have seen. The next thing I remember is waking up one and one-half hours later.


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Mar 13, 2022

Why did he meet you and take you to the ship? Do they have an agenda? Is he a human hybrid or humanoid from another planet made by the Mantis? :-)

Mar 13, 2022
Replying to

I don't know why he met me in the room and not inside the UFO. However, the first time I met a Mantis, the Mantis also met me here before going to their ship. I asked how he could wait for me, and he told me that entities with "souls" could wait here. So presumably this hybrid has a "soul".

The hybrid never told me of their agenda or the nature of his creation. They are apparently raised on the Gray ships until what appears to be adult age.

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