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July 24th, 2021 (18:00)

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

I arrive in the “gymnasium” but see nothing of interest. Next to me is the feminine Gray. The first thing that comes to mind is a request that she not do anything that I might find inappropriate. She counters with the suggestion that if I should ever find myself interested in experiencing something like that with her, there is nothing wrong it. Everything about this makes me wary of her intentions as well as how much power she seems to have over me.

Changing the subject, I request help centering myself. She holds my wrist. What appears to be a white wall in front of us, perhaps halfway to the tall ceiling. I ask what it is. She tells me it represents a dwelling, a place where someone lives. Asks if I would like to see it in disguise. Despite my distaste for their off-putting ornamentation, I agree, and it transforms into an oddly shaped building with round protrusions here and there. Looks to be made of stucco and relatively simple. Perhaps unfinished? Suddenly, with no motion or notice, we are inside. Here, as it is outside, the structure of this building is very simple. In this sparse room are a handful of things; objects that somewhat resemble a table, a sofa, a screen. None of them impress me, and she picks up on this thought, correcting me to say they are all highly advanced technologically. She explains they use this “house” to train the children they raise.

I feel this is contradictory to what I have been told. My older son reported he spends most of his time on the ship. She reminds me he also told me he has a home elsewhere, and this is such a home. They are raising the children in this artificial environment before allowing them to enter the outside world to control their evolution. Tries to appeal that logically it is the responsible thing for them to do. Leaving them out to evolve in random ways could end in numerous unfavorable outcomes. Much as when the mantis beings told me they police and prevent other civilizations from evolving too far, this appalls me. I tune out and my mind wanders. Closure pulls me back into my body.


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