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June 30th, 2021 (13:15)

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

For the second session in a row, I find myself away from the window, and I wonder if those days are behind me. Maybe I have acclimated to the environment and this process. Finding hard to get my bearings. The female Gray is to my side, this time wearing the glasses which only distract me and make it difficult to take her seriously. Today I realize that they always appear to the right of me, or slightly behind and to the right. This room does not seem familiar. It appears to be rather large, but as with all the other rooms, mostly white, with a handful of molded-white furnishings smoothly built into the floor.

Somehow, I sense that this is the area where the human-looking residents spend their time after they grow out of the toddler stage and before the adult stage of their lives. There is no one here but us however, so I ask her where everyone is. She explains that because of their sensory abilities, the students (this is the nuance with which she refers to them) are not here, as my presence would be a distraction. She tells me we are in what I might consider a gymnasium. This causes my mind to overlay the image of a typical gymnasium on what I am seeing, with sporting equipment and athletic mats, but it does not fit. She tells me not to think of it in that way, as it differs greatly from that kind of gymnasium. With no choice but to accept that I can not find a suitable point of reference, I just view it as it is.

She suggests we look at a room with this room. We are looking at a space (there are no walls and it does not seem like a room at all) a bit on the left side of this extensive area. She tells me the focus of this room is on attitude. The first thing that springs to my mind is “attitude adjustment” and she says that it is not punitive, it is to teach them about the proper attitude to take in common situations.

She shows an example via the immersive experience they instill in my mind, and I suddenly see walls appear. Now I can see something equivalent to a small classroom, and alongside it is a rather sizeable area fashioned into a street, though it still maintains the all-white and molded motif of the area. In this example, I see the student is being taught what to do if someone should physically bump into them while crossing the street. How they should act naturally, not outright stopping in the middle of the street, for example. The size and utility of this makeshift area make the analogy to a gymnasium somewhat understandable. I am given a vision of how the area can model a wide variety of different places and social interactions.

For an indeterminable amount of time, my consciousness takes me to a hypothetical situation of [redacted] learning how to interact with people. During this time, I lose all sense that I am in the state of astral projection, and it feels as though I am lost in a daydream. I come back to our current surroundings and am worried I had been out of projection. She assures me I was not, and that I was simply experiencing a representation of what goes on in this room. It occurs to me that this must be quite boring for the students to run through so many routine situations day in and day out. She explains that this is their life and that to them the situations are quite unfamiliar, so it would be similar to me experiencing what life is like on another planet.

As if I had predicted my own emotional response to this interaction, I become quite bored. It is apparent that this scenario is all she plans to show me today. The relative mundanity of what occurs here cannot capture my interest in the astral state. We just sort of stand here for a bit; I have a vague feeling that she is making telepathic small talk with me but I am ignoring her as this entire experience has lost my attention. Closure pulls me out.


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