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September 2nd, 2021 (15:45)

I arrive in another unfamiliar new room, this time accompanied by the masculine small Gray. In front of us is a waist-high wall, behind which is a large cylindrical device of some sort. There appear to be small compartments all over the outside of this device. The Gray tells me this is what humans would call an arboretum. I’m very confused as I do not see plants of any kind, and the impression given is that it contains a botanical collection. I ask him if there are plants and/or seeds inside the compartments, and he responds affirmatively while adding that it is also used to display them. There is nothing on display which is disappointing.

The larger issue is that during this communication, my consciousness keeps falling into the same mundane scenes of life the tall Gray showed me yesterday. The small Gray notices this, but is doing nothing to help keep me present. Perhaps he is not the one initiating these distractions? Becoming quite annoyed, I request help, but he ignores me and continues to emphasize that they do, in fact, display plants here. The finer details of their collection could not be further from my mind at this point.

Confusion reigns supreme as I fall in and out of different scenes of life, the meaning of which is all completely lost. Closure finally pulls me out.


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