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Area 51 Projection (Mid-2021)

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Forgive me as it appears I did not journal this projection in the file I keep my projections to the UFOs, thus I do not have the exact date. It occurred sometime between June-October 2021, that much is certain. If I find my notes, I will update this post.

I was asked by an acquaintance familiar with my work to project to Area 51.

Upon arrival, all I could see were a myriad of completely shuttered hangars. A handful of similarly closed and seemingly unoccupied buildings. No activity whatsoever. Unlike typical sessions, there was no way into the hangars/buildings or underground. It felt as though there was some sort of astral "cement" barring entry. I tried to ask for a guide of some sort (similar to how guides simply appear with me on the UFOs) to no avail.

It was a very odd experience and unlike most projections. It was perplexing, but ultimately quite boring.



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