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laying down


   One of the many benefits of the Aizen Projection process over other less refined forms of projection such as the "wake-back-to-bed" method is that you can practice any time of day or night and anywhere that you have a quiet, distraction-free environment. In contrast to methods that involve lucid dreaming, it assures you are actually in the astral realm as opposed to a dream state. You should lie down or sit in a comfortable chair. Avoid harsh overhead lighting or use an eye mask if the area is too bright. Headphones are highly recommended. Give yourself anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour of uninterrupted time. And of course, never attempt to project while driving or operating heavy machinery.


   A key component of the track is backing audio designed to aid in the process of relaxation and projection. Specifically, it is tuned to 432hz (harmonious with nature) and ingrained with 4.32hz theta tones (to aid in calming the physical body). Some individuals may find these tones distracting (the volume of the tones should be audible but not overwhelming). In such cases, adding a soft ambient track of ocean surf, forest sounds, rain, etc. will help mask the noise. In order to dial into exactly the frequencies I use, there are free software options such as Audacity, Gnaural, and SBaGen (check the Resources page).

Relaxing with Music
mountain fog

The Induction

   It all begins with the hypnotic induction. If you have never been to a hypnotherapist or used audio-guided hypnosis, there is also a myriad of free options on YouTube you can try to get an idea of what to expect. Hypnosis is safe, effective, and nothing you do while under hypnosis is against your own free will. When you delve into the realm of hypnosis, you find that while most inductions share basic commonalities, the exact method of entering hypnosis has as many forms as there are practitioners. The typical hypnotic induction includes a systematic relaxation of the body followed by a visualization exercise to deepen this comfort and enter a state of mind where you can access the subconscious.

   The Aizen Projection induction begins with a series of guided relaxation suggestions to breathe and relax the body from head to toe. An exercise follows it to open up the chakras to prepare for projection. Honestly, just a couple of years ago, I thought the concept of chakras was a bunch of new-age hippie nonsense. I was wrong. I envision a powerful beam of pure energy entering my body and feel it progressively opening the seven chakras, starting from the crown and ending at the root. This includes visualizing the chakras in color and feeling their expansion and charge taking place within.

   Next is the deepening of relaxation into a full hypnotic state. Here is what works best for me: I visualize myself slowly descending a spiral staircase made of clouds, counting down from ten to one where I reach the last step, which represents a half circle down into my subconscious to a flat level of clouds. From there, I repeat the process again, going down another spiral staircase of clouds ten more steps to a final flat level of clouds. At that point, I am two layers deep into my subconscious. I am visualizing the two ceilings of clouds above me. So deep that I am effectively two levels underground. The outside world no longer influences my mind. It closes with a reminder that I can return to my body and normal consciousness at any time via a personalized "safe" word.


   Now it is time to begin exiting the body via your astral form. I start at the feet and perform a mental exercise whereby I attempt to move them but cannot do so. This is not as difficult as it might seem once you are in a deep hypnotic state. Then, one by one, starting from my root and ending at my crown, the track guides me through feeling vibrations at each chakra. Every step of the way, I slowly continue that mental exercise of attempting to move my astral body without moving the physical. Once I vibrate out from the root chakra, I force my astral legs to move out of their physical partners. Once out of the heart chakra, I force my astral arms to move out of their physical partners. This culminates in breaking free from the crown chakra. Personally, I find the crown chakra to require a significant amount of astral "pull". I tug and twist the rest of my astral body away from the crown until I feel a popping sensation.


   At that point, the astral form separates from the body, and projection has been achieved. You may want to verify that you are actually in the astral plane. What I do is look down at my physical form and pinpoint the precise details of my surroundings to be verified once I return. One last command before beginning the journey asserts I am free from my physical body and now enabled to use my astral form to contact our visitors.

Image by Mulyadi
clouds light


   There is no flying up through the roof into space and looking for a UFO. In my experience, that has never been necessary. To understand why, let us rewind a minute. From the minute I begin the induction, I firmly set my intentions on using this technique to achieve contact with non-human intelligence. Intent is the key and I cannot stress this point enough. With the proper intent, once you find out you are outside of the physical and in the astral realm, it is as simple as thinking, "I am ready," and you appear with a guide. Trust in the process and let your guide ease you into unfamiliar surroundings. You may find that your surroundings are distracting or even painfully bright, which is a sign you need to slow down and remain calm. It is natural to be confused and not understand what you are doing, what you are being told, what you are being seen. Sometimes messages given during one session will be explained during later sessions. We are visitors and should show gratitude for whatever access we are given.

   During the projection itself, the backing audio continues, but there is no more vocal guidance. I have a few original audio tracks I use, the only difference being the time I allow myself in the astral realm before bringing myself back. The shortest is roughly thirty minutes, the longest is roughly one hour. Time does not adhere to our Earthly standards in the astral realm; one hour can be agonizingly long if you become bored (which can happen). You may, of course, come back using your own safe word, counting yourself up from five to one, or whatever method you choose. However, it is easy to get lost up there and forget the option exists, thus it is important to have a timed way to bring yourself back unless you are free to spend potentially hours away from Earthly concerns.


   At the end of the scheduled amount of time, the audio track forcefully commands me to return to my physical body. In authoritarian style, no uncertain terms. After several repetitions of this command, it counts me slowly back up to normal consciousness, reinforcing the feeling of coming back to my physical body.

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