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August 27th, 2021 (13:00)

Despite my better judgment, I enter projection intending to meet the feminine Gray again to understand what happened during the previous session. Curious to re-experience it, which is almost certainly a bad idea. Yet, I find myself drawn in, wanting to further explore what felt like an infinite amount of energy and knowledge. 

Greeted by the tall Gray, I express my wish to meet with her. He contends he has something else planned for us today and they all have various tasks to do. It is not as simple as requesting to meet one on command. Nagging him a bit, he relents, and I instantly pop into an unfamiliar area of the ship where she is waiting. She explains to me that what happened the day before was for my benefit, and today she would like to do something for her benefit. Her face draws close to mine, nearly touching, and again her eyes exhibit a mesmerizing quality. 

We merge similarly as before, then transport back “into” my physical body on Earth. I remain in an astral state, but am inside my flesh and blood body. My consciousness seems to piggyback on her consciousness, making this unusual situation possible. With no barrier between her thoughts and mine, I can sense she is experiencing what it feels like to have a human body, starting at the head and slowly working her way down. She invites me to experience the process from her point of view, which I either innately understand or am aided in doing. This entails becoming a passive participant, a viewer of sorts, to bodily sensation in the parts she is inhabiting. 

The process is almost unfathomable, as if I have projected a second time into her while already in a state of astral projection. She encourages me to further give in to her exploration and allow access to more and more of my physical body. Layer by layer, she slogs her way roughly down to my waist. I am only experiencing my upper body via projection into her consciousness. It worries me that if someone were to tap me on the shoulder to force and end to the projection, I would feel nothing. The complete lack of control I have over my body becomes quite frightening. My consciousness is now an observer trapped in her mind, and any physical control I latently have seems to fade bit by bit. 

Panicked, I quickly count from one to five and bring myself out of projection. In the last fleeting moments, I get the impression she is unhappy with this and disappointed. Returning fully to my body, it takes a while to feel comfortable again after this surreal experience.


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Iam Groot
Iam Groot
30 Σεπ 2022

I apologize if it is inappropriate to comment on your experience or to assume I am able to understand any of it at all. i don’t know the extent of your pre-projection routine. Would adding 90 minutes of Yin Yoga to your projection prep alleviate the intensity of your mental and physical anxiety so you could stay with her completely to the end?

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30 Σεπ 2022
Απάντηση σε

Absolutely please feel free to comment! I created this site to connect with others and understand these experiences myself.

That is a great idea, the only barrier personally is that I have very little experience with yoga. Previous attempts at it were not very successful, but that is probably due to a combination of my state of mind at the time and a mismatched teacher.

Looking back at these particular encounters from last year, I don't feel as alarmed as I did at the time. At some point in the future I will request the experience again; it was truly unlike anything else. Whether or not she would grant the request is a bit questionable, as we left on somewhat…

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