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August 5th, 2021 (14:00)

I arrive in another unfamiliar room. What appears to be a white spiral staircase is in front of me, but it is difficult to focus on and differs from staircases here on Earth. Somehow I understand these stairs go up to the bedroom-styled room I visited during my previous trip. It is very difficult to focus on the stairs; the spiral seems to be amorphous. I ask for help and now notice that the tall Gray is here beside me.

The Gray affirms these stairs are quite unlike ours. Why would they need stairs, given that they can apparently transport themselves by other means? It occurs to me I have never seen them “walk” or perform any visible body movement to propel themselves. He reminds me they are bipedal and use their legs in certain situations. There does not appear to be a particular reason we are in this room. He imparts no lesson as we stand in front of this bizarre staircase.

Bored with looking at this object and with no further communication initiated by the Gray, I question him if they ever intervene in human affairs, such as wars, natural or manmade disasters, etc.. He explains they do so only where our extinction is at stake, making an analogy of Earth as their garden and humans as the flowers. This leads me to ask why they let us die by any unnatural causes in that case. He uses an example of flowers in a garden kept alive at any cost, to where the garden is overrun and the flowers experience negative effects because of overpopulation. Closure pulls me out.


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November 7th, 2021 (12:15)

Arrive accompanied by the female Grey. She is rather reserved today, making no attempt to merge consciousness; seems almost reluctant to communicate. There is a large, rectangular box in front of us.

November 2nd, 2021 (15:00)

I arrive in a very hazy room, there is a large trapezium, perhaps around six feet tall, in front and to the left. Initially, the top is bright as if lit, but the light soon fades. The tall Grey is wit

October 14th, 2021 (15:00)

I arrive to meet the tall Grey. Unable to tell where we are, I ask for him to hold my wrist for grounding. At this point memory blanks. Approximately one hour later I wake up feeling as though I have


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