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Juily 9th, 2021 (14:45)

As I reach the bottom of the induction, there is a vaguely colored presence indicative of when the Mantis is waiting. After ascending to the ship I indeed find him there. Still adorned in the Egyptian-style attire he has worn since our first meeting, I tell him it would be more comforting if he appeared in his natural form. He agrees to this but warns me not to look closely at his body (implication being it would shock or upset me).

Of course, his warning only serves to pique my curiosity, and as soon as the garments disappear, I do my best to look without him noticing. Which is futile, as he can read my thoughts as soon as they pop into mind. He makes no mention of my intent, however, so I glance at his body in the periphery of my vision. I see he has segmented limbs like a regular Earthly-mantis. Nothing about his physique is particularly shocking or grotesque, but it is odd to see a human-sized being with such thin appendages.

We are in an unfamiliar room, but much like the throne room, these walls exhibit some texture and color, unlike the rooms in the UFO. In front of us is a glowing white crystal. It is tall, perhaps ten feet, although sizes are incredibly difficult to estimate up here. Cylindrical and in the shape of a tower with jagged edges. Unpolished and raw, it has translucent qualities, but I cannot see through it to the other side. Surrounded by a clear, glassine encasement similar to what you would find in a museum.

I ask what it is, and he tells me (to the effect of) “this brought us to you.” Puzzling over whether he means this is a propulsion device or something used for navigation, he reads this confusion and answers affirmatively, that it served both purposes. There is high reverence with which he regards this crystal and he looks at me in a way that makes me feel like I am expected to share the same awe and wonder. Unfortunately, I do not share his enthusiasm because, despite it having some sort of technological properties, it appears very similar to the crystal shards that are commonplace in shops all over the world, albeit much larger. Nothing else happens, and it becomes clear this is all he intends to show me today. As often happens when shown something, but given a brief and unsatisfactory explanation, boredom sets in. We awkwardly stand in front of the shard, him proudly gazing at me, until closure pulls me out.


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