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July 10th, 2021 (14:45)

Towards the end of my induction, I realize there is a being with a soul waiting for me. Distinctly different feel than the Mantis I have previously met. There is an orange tint in what I visualize as an all-white room two layer deep into my subconscious. I slightly feel as if I am about to meet someone holy. Together with my unknown companion, we ascend to an unfamiliar area. As with the area I met the mantis, this area is also light orange, with uneven, sandy floors and a musty air. The area (ship?) in which I meet the Mantis is not nearly as aseptic as the ship inhabited by the Grays.

In front of me is a large truncated cone, blending into the surroundings with a light orange or tan hue. It appears to be made of stone, but I am not near enough to discern that. I request several times for my companion to reveal themselves, and finally, a vague visage appears. The first thing I ask is if it is sand on the ground, and I am told it is not. I ask to see who I am communicating with; the entity is circling me and it takes some effort to focus. Finally, a clearer picture emerges, and I see a strong similarity to the Mantis, although this being has a square mandible as opposed to the pointed chin of the Mantis I know. His (he gives off a masculine energy) “skin” is tan rather than green as well. I ask if the two of them are related, and he replies affirmatively. Somehow, this makes it easier to look directly at him.

He welcomes me into what he conveys is “the sanctum.” Somewhat incredulously, I ask if that and all that it entails is where we are. More or less, is his reply. There is a sacred feel to the area. Wondering if he is a leader or caretaker of this area, he tells me I can think of it like that, however he is but one of many. This is unfamiliar territory, and I question if there are many places such as this stationed around Earth, but he interrupts that train of thought to tell me I am misunderstanding. No explanation what the misunderstanding is.

Gazing at the cone, which is perhaps ten feet in height and five in width at the base, I ask what we are looking at. He replies that this makes everything. Very confusing. He elaborates on this; the artifact before us creates everything I have seen. I ask if it is a machine. It is, but it is also a relic. I ask if they created it. He says no; they found it eons ago. So long ago, he warns me that I cannot comprehend. I ask if they know who created it. He tells me they have an idea, but we cannot go into that. Is it one-of-a-kind? No, there are many, all with slight differences in appearance but functionally the same. He imparts the idea that while it is involved in creation, it does not create things in the sense I am thinking of (my vision is of a factory of machines assembling a car). It creates much more complicated things, including other objects which create more common objects. The idea seems to be that this relic can create other powerful items which go on to create objects of specific use.

I ask if it created the crystal they showed me yesterday. He explains it did, but with great difficulty and the sacrifice of many souls. There is a group of beings whose job it is to constantly meditate on the use of this object, and in creating an object such as the crystal, many of them burn out their life force and existence altogether. The reverence with which the Mantis held the crystal he presented to me now makes sense. I reflect upon this and feel sadness, but he assures me there is nothing nobler than extinguishing oneself for a feat of such incredible importance. I ask if he can operate the machine. He tells me he cannot, but he oversees the operation of it. I see that past the object there is a row or two of entities sitting on stools in deep meditation. They are squat with hooded robes covering their heads, and I cannot distinguish what type of beings they are. No movement is apparent, nor is any telepathic communication or even feeling.

He explains the object did not create the Earth, but that it has been used to create certain things that are on Earth. Taking me through the immersive mental exercise to understand the power and importance of this object, he details it has been their possession for eons, and I witness a more primitive form of his race encountering the object for the first time, touching it, and dissolving because of the sheer power contained within. These objects are so old and so important that civilizations have had to leave them on dying planets, only to return later when they have finally developed the technology to retrieve and use them. I am thinking in terms of millions of years, but he corrects me in that I should think in terms of billions of years, and that only represents the time frame of them gaining the technology to study the machines to where they are today with meditators using them for creation.

With that, I find myself quite humbled and almost humiliated to think of how primitive our souls are… the vastness that divides us and them. He tells me it is incorrect to think like that; each evolutionary step of a soul is incomprehensible. Seemingly off-topic, he tells me that the idea of heaven (which was their influence on mankind) is not far off from the truth. Perhaps because of some influence he has on my thoughts, I imagine an afterlife where physical bodies are no more and souls interact on a pure level. And furthermore, that stage is still a baby step in the soul's evolution. This feels like I am reaching the limit of what my human mind can comprehend. He affirms that is correct. The closure process pulls me out. As I leave, I thank my host for showing me this, and he tells me I have earned it.


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