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July 11th, 2021 (15:00)

I experience an unusual hesitation to project today. Not sure why. At the end of my induction, I see a slight blue tinge in the air (this is in my mind’s eye, as I survey the surroundings deep within my subconscious). Upon ascending, I arrive in an unfamiliar room. It is circular, with curving rows of benches taking up roughly 3/4 of the room. Five or six ascending rows. I am standing at the bottom of the room, looking up. Looks a bit like a small university lecture room.

The square-jawed mantis is with me. I ask if move closer to the benches in order to get a better look at the entire room. He replies we can, but it would be disrespectful if I sat down. With no traditional motion, we instantly travel to the upper part of the room behind the rows, and I see there is an indentation in the wall opposite the benches. I understand it is a screen of sorts. He communicates to me that this screen functions a bit like a TV or a projection screen, but is, of course, exponentially more advanced and does a multitude of things which I could not imagine. These frequent side remarks about the limitations of what humans can understand no longer come across as condescending for the most part.

As I ponder on how this room is all white and similar to the rooms on the Gray-inhabited UFO, he tells me it is a holy room, thus the immaculately clean state. He further mentions that all the rooms he and his colleague have shown me on this ship are in their natural form, without the type of disguises I have seen in the Gray’s UFO. He explains that in this room he and his colleagues meet for “planning”. I ask what type of planning they do. He tells me everything; from where to go, what missions to fulfill, the actions to be performed in fulfilling them, etc. From the size and scope of the room, it is evident that there is a relatively large group of entities he considers as his colleagues. I ask if they ever disagree. Of course they do, but in the end, they work through everything logically, perform millions of simulations, and eventually agree to the best outcome and plan. I am wondering how long that must take, and he tells me they do not measure time as we do, so that is not a factor.

Becoming a bit sidetracked, I ask if he needs to eat. He tells me he enters a short state of meditation at regular intervals and during that time, some sort of machine he stands in provides him with anything necessary to sustain life. My thoughts turn back to the room and its usage. His mention of simulations they run prompt me to ask him if humanity exists in a simulation. Of course not, he replies, otherwise I would not be here talking to him. That makes little sense to me; it stands to reason that in a complex enough simulation, all of this could be convincing enough seem 100% real. He treats this as if I do not understand the very purpose of life, and tells me there would be no point in doing that. Vaguely, I can understand he is referencing how souls are their primary concern.

I ask him if there are other spacefaring races. He tells me that there are a multitude of worlds with sentient and technologically advanced life, and some of them do indeed travel to other planets just as humanity is on the precipice of doing. But in this sector of the universe, they are the only beings who do what they do; oversee space travel between the various civilizations and plan out the rule dictating those endeavors. Before any race can fully establish themselves as a spacefaring species, his species must ascend their souls to avoid trouble. I find this presumptuous on their part; it sounds quite disrespectful that they do not allow other species to evolve naturally and to the best of their abilities. He is adamant that this is not the case.

Using their technique of placing my consciousness in places of history, I am shown that his race has existed for eons, seen the rise and fall of entire galaxies, witnessed the disasters which occur when civilizations expand beyond their home planet without oversight, and it always ends in disaster. I am warned that without this governance, a spacefaring race could very well decide to invade Earth and eliminate humanity if left unchecked. He assures me that time has taught them this is the only way to keep any sort of balance and evolution of the soul.

He provides an analogy of our area of the universe as a garden, and if insects, weeds, or invasive species of plants are left unchecked, they will overwhelm the natural fauna, fruits, and vegetables growing in the garden. Our souls are those fruits and vegetables. I ask him if there are other sectors of the universe with different species who perform similar duties to this. He affirms that is true, but implies that the distance is so far that it is of little concern to them and they do not maintain contact with said groups. Back to the garden analogy. He tells me this is their garden, and they tend to it will little concern for the gardens of their neighbors.

After witnessing the history and hearing his explanation, my opinion changes to understanding that this system makes logical sense. This is a very “big picture” detail, and I am humbled that he let me in on it. I feel as though I exuberantly give him thanks, but he tells me that is unnecessary. As the closure process starts to pull me back to the physical, I ask if I should take a break from projection. He tells me it’s up to me; there is still much I can learn.


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