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July 16th, 2021 (13:45)

After the momentous events of my last session, I have spent several days without traveling in order to process what I was told. Part of me feels as though I have seen enough. Perhaps more revelations will be detrimental to my ability to take part in normal society. Not to mention the genuine possibility that these things are sprouting my subconscious, not actually extraterrestrial messages. Or if they are, how am I to know they are true? The answer, of course, I cannot. But there is something very enticing and habit-forming about these sessions. There is a slight sense of emptiness after a period without visiting. That also concerns me. Nonetheless, I find myself back at it today.

I find myself in the laboratory accompanied by the tall Gray. He brings me over the worktable with the machine I have seen dispensing and delivering souls. Bothered that I’m at the same angle as our last visit here, I ask to change perspective. He allows me to move to the opposite side of him and the machine, finding me looking at it still in front but to the left. He tells me today I am going to work with him on one soul. A typical capsule comes out of the machine with an active soul. Strands of light twist and turn inside. Another capsule, this one empty, arrives from below the indentation in the table. I have not seen this part of the process before, and it while nothing should surprise me at this point, I am struck at how odd it is that capsules can materialize from underneath the working area as opposed to dropping down from above.

Something occurs which I feel to be quite violent. I believe it began with some interaction between the two capsules. My mind is moving at a million miles an hour. Everything I am witnessing is completely incomprehensible and indescribable. He tells me that is normal. Suddenly, I am back in my physical body, and the session is over. Very difficult to remember what happened.


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