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July 17th, 2021 (13:30)

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

As the induction instructs me to feel a powerful white light coming down from above, I find instead a beam of black energy approaching. Try to turn it white without success. It opens my chakras one by one as usual, but it tinges them with darkness. This feels ominous and uncomfortable. I consider the possibility of ending the session, but quickly cast that idea out of mind. There is a curiosity to experience whatever is coming. Even the stairs down into my subconscious have dark tones today, whereas they are usually white, fluffy clouds.

When I reach the bottom layer of consciousness, I can tell multiple entities are waiting for me, and they feel unfamiliar. Upon successful projection, I find myself accompanied by the sharp-chinned Mantis who was my introduction to the species. Today I take notice that his head and body are green, in contrast to the square-jawed mantis who is tan. Despite the stark differences in appearance, through intuition or telepathic communication, it is clear they represent the same species.

I become insistent upon finding out why the light was dark, and even a bit angry at how apprehensive it made me feel during the process. Who were the other entities I sensed? He tells me to calm down, and that he will explain things. I see two rows of what look like seated monks jutting out the side of this room in meditation. This room resembles the Sanctum where they keep the relic, but instead of that truncated cone, in the middle of this room stands a crystal that I am told was made by the relic. He reminds me that many of these beings gave their existence to create this object, and not only does it deserve reverence for their sacrifice, to send it off into use soon after creation would be chaotic as it is not yet tuned for travel (the implication being that this crystal is involved in powering and navigating their ships). The tone of this experience resembles that of a funeral, and I understand that the purpose of the black light was to instill a somber mood appropriate for the occasion. He states that the group of entities waiting for me during the induction included some remnant of the fallen entities. Apparently, that was an honor of sorts. The division between the existence of beings astrally, physically, and spiritually is confusing and the lack of explanation it makes me think it may be one of those things the human brain is incapable of understanding.

I ask him what happens to these souls that give themselves up in creating the crystals. He tells me that while they have some idea that their essence returns to the universe, there are mysteries to which even they do not have answers to. He emphasizes that to an immortal soul, when time is no longer even the slightest concern, what would be more fitting and noble than to end existence in creating something as powerful as one of these crystals? Even in doubt of what may come next, they have no qualms about sacrificing themselves in this service. He suggests we stand silently in memoriam to the fallen for the rest of this experience. I agree, but find it hard to remain present. As the closure process pulls me out I thank the Mantis, feeling as if I failed to show the proper respect during this session.


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