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July 18th, 2021 (12:05)

I arrive in a bright room roughly the size of the “gymnasium” where they train the children. Built into the floor in front of me is a waist-high object roughly equivalent to a desk, entirely white and plasticine. To my right is the feminine gray, again clad in glasses and some sort of clothing. The disguise disappears upon my request. I comment that she’s more “attractive” without the disguise (the holographic-style camouflage they use is very distracting and doubly so when used on themselves to appear more human). She expresses surprise.

My attention turns to the object in front of me, and I expect to see some activity or a lesson to begin. Nothing happens, and she remains silent. When I turn around, she is lying down on some approximation of a bed (all white, of course) and is positioned in a way suggesting something intimate is going to happen between us. Shocked, I tell her that is certainly not what I mean and turn away. If our communication is telepathic, how did she not intuitively understand this? When I face her again, the bed is gone, and she is again standing. This is all very confusing. From what I understand, they cannot reproduce (being biologically created robots of some sort) so how could the two us possibly have intercourse? She reads these questions in my mind and explains that while they are not for reproduction, sexual activity is possible. I explain that my comment implied her femininity as a Gray carries with it a certain elegance. There is a lingering feeling that she is influencing me to feel slightly aroused right now? In truth, I avoid even looking at the details of their body save for the face, as the proportions are odd enough to be a bit repulsive.

Our attention is now back on the desk. On top there is what appears to be a large, ancient book. As usual, the disguise is counterproductive, and I ask to see it as it is. In reality, it is two plain, white slabs of material outcropping from the desk. When activated, it displays true-to-life experiences in your mind as if you are there, along with a lesson that is conveyed through influence.

Here my memory becomes very hazy. I am shown an example, but yet again, my mind races through thoughts at a speed that renders everything incomprehensible. This example seemed to be a lesson on how to behave, intended for those who have misbehaved in the situation presented. No recall of consciously coming back to my body; I am woken up by a staff member some time after the journey had ended.


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