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July 1st, 2021 (15:00)

As I reach the bottom of the induction, I sense an unfamiliar presence. In every previous projection, I have arrived at the bottom of my subconscious alone. That I arrive alone is a large part of what makes this process so effective. This is unnerving. No one should be here as it represents a sacred space within my mind. I can come for the deep relaxation needed not only for astral projection but for all variety of hypnosis. The presence is not human, and it appears it may be a different type of entity than those I have interacted with before. I can sense a golden hue or aura to whatever is with me. Leaving my body, I am unsure of where I am.

I look for the window, or a familiar room, something I can recognize. Something tells me to not project any preconceived notions about where I am. I ask to see who is with me. I feel a touch on the right wrist (always the right wrist), but this touch differs from usual and feels almost electrified. Somehow, I can sense that this being has a soul. I ask if they do and they reply affirmatively. Everything that has happened during this projection up to now has left me anxious. As I calm down a bit, I sense I am in what I can only describe as an Egyptian throne room. It is relatively dark and what colors I can see are tan or orange, much different from the austere white plasticine look of the areas I am used to. On the side of this area is a large throne-type chair, with two smaller chairs on each side as if for lesser members of a royal court. A golden light shines from the ceiling, casting rays behind the throne.

Whatever entity is with me asserts that my image of a throne room is an accurate enough descriptor for where I am. This communication has me trying to visualize who is with me with great difficulty. Again, I am told not to project what I think they may look like. I ask for help, something familiar with which I might identify them. They appear between the throne and me as a stereotypical human Egyptian, clothed in plain robes and some sort of rope or headdress adornment. I tell them that is too much, and I would like a bit more accuracy on how they look. Without changing clothes, the physical form of this entity changes into something which looks a bit like a praying mantis; a green insectoid head with a very sharp triangulated chin, with oddly shaped limbs that jut out at sharp angles from the robe. Cognitively, it is a grotesque sight, but I do not feel frightened in the least. I ask if he has some relation to the Grays I am familiar with. He replies he does and that he, along with others of his kind, are in charge or supervise them. My mind cycles through thoughts and images at a very rapid speed. Unable to stop it, I ask what is happening. He replies he is trying to find a way to communicate with me. I have a feeling he is scanning the entirety of my mind. Frustratingly, a phone call interrupts and I leave my astral body.


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