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July 20th, 2021 (15:25)

Arrive onboard and find the tall Gray next to me. It is taking a long time to focus on our location, but as the pieces fit together, visually it becomes apparent we are in the Nursery. Now I see we are in an opposite area of the room than I am usually standing in during visits here. Picking up on the confusion, he shifts our position and adds their common earthly costumes, textures, and other holographic disguises. I ask him to remove the visual trappings, and he does. At least they always take it away with no disagreement or argument.

There is no one else here. I ask him why we are, and he reminds me of my dual abduction with my son when he was one-year-old. Tells me that our agreement to “understand each other’s souls” was important, but I am having a hard time understanding specifically why beyond the obvious, already mind-boggling implications. He is emphasizing that this is their job. He makes some implication that the role I took with them when I was a child up to young adulthood has been passed to my son. Something I always suspected, but of course could not verify. This prompts me to ask the big question I have always had but never had the opportunity and reminder to ask: “Was anyone else in my family line abducted?” He denies this and insists I was the first. “But why me…?” echoes in my mind, and of course there is no barrier for him to understand my thoughts and feelings. He claims it had something to do with our geographical location when I was young.

Suddenly, I am having flashes of young people going about their lives; social situations on Earth. I do not recognize any of them. Seems to be the present day, or the near future? They end and I express my confusion. Not just confusion, I am angry as well. He is not explaining what I am seeing and seems not to care that I am in a state of total confusion. Another series of flashes with different people. A mother and her child? This time it seems to occur in the past; 60s or 70s or 80s, perhaps? A mixture of all? I am quite sick of it by now. Feels like a waste of my time at best, and an exploitation of the human mind for some purpose at worst.

Everything he explained remains murky and I cannot see how it relates to where we are on the ship. He is attempting to calm me down, telling me not to be angry. This is just how things are. I standoffishly tell him I will not take part in this anymore today. He shows little reaction, except perhaps some amusement? Like a parent to a child who is throwing a tantrum. Even in a situation like this, the action to actually end the projection does not truly enter my mind. I can threaten, but not act on the promise. Is that a limitation within me, or a limitation imposed on me? When the closure process pulls me out, I am so annoyed I take the headphones out before the countdown to return.


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