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June 24th, 2021 (12:45)

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Once again searing eye pain from intense white light, but I know now if I calm myself, it will fade. After a few moments of relaxing, I can see that I am back in front of the familiar window with a view of Japan from close orbit. I cannot discern if anyone is with me, so I ask what I should do. The reply is that I should know I need to wait. How could I possibly know anything up here? Every experience is the very definition of alien. Before this session, I drank coffee to ensure I would stay awake (was a bit drowsy), but it feels like the caffeine is counterproductive and makes it difficult to stay present. I cannot see my guide and ask where they are.

  Again, just as yesterday, the reply is a telepathic version of “I’m right next to you.” I can feel a hand on my wrist. Looking to the right, I cannot get a clear view of who or what is there. Visual disturbances abound. This appears to be the same grey as yesterday, but his appearance is flickering between wearing glasses along with some garment and being “naked” or whatever state they may be in, as typically seen. He tells me not to worry about his appearance. As we wait, this flickering gradually ends and the dressings are gone, leaving him in his usual state (if you can call it that).

  After waiting, we appear in the same “captain’s quarters”. I express disappointment and request to at least be shown the reality of the room, since I already know what it looks like. The façade dissolves, but he communicates along the lines of “It’s much easier to understand the other way, isn’t it.” Either he convinces me or I reconsider on my own and agree. It returns to the dressings of before. Still annoyed that we are back in the same room, I ask what else he has to show me. He tells me there are many things in this room to learn and draws my attention to a “book” on the table in front of me.

  This device provides an experience in my mind of being present in pivotal moments where mankind began using various forms of transportation. I witness as boats are used on a large scale. We move on to the history of rail. These experiences are disorienting, jumping from one period of time to a time much farther in the future, as well as the substantial differences between the scenes. An experience like this is so unfamiliar that I get lost in the moment and forget scenes I have previously seen. We wrap up this historical tour of transport in the current day where we use aircraft to fly around the world (spacecraft are oddly missing from the scenes).

  Despite what should have been a thrilling adventure, when the experience ends I feel it was quite boring and pedestrian. The journey was obvious and amounted to things that any educated person already knows. I ask to be shown something else. He tells me something to the effect that this lesson is not over. Frustrated, I explain that I get it. We started with boats on the water, and eventually, we will use spaceships or what-have-you. Apparently, that’s not the message. I detect a bit of annoyance and he returns to the beginning of this presentation. It’s very difficult to stay present when I am frustrated and bored with what is being shown. Struggling to stay in an astral state, closure brings me back to my body. For the first time, I don’t fight it whatsoever and am actually happy to come back.


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