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July 25th, 2021 (13:00)

I arrive in an unfamiliar room on the Gray’s UFO. The tall Gray is with me. Disoriented, I ask him for help. He tells me not to force things into focus or attempt to fit our location into familiarity. Indeed, this is a unique room, with something jutting out of the floor; it looks a bit like a freezer tilted at an angle, complete with a heavy handle. He opens the case and I see nothing inside. Asks me to put my arm inside… I am confused and hesitant because I sense that interacting with this object carries a heavy responsibility I am not ready for.

Knowing I am hesitant, he puts his arm in and pulls out a capsule that appears empty at first glance. Looking closer, I can see what looks like a shriveled, motionless light (presumably a soul based on my previous interactions with the tall Gray and the capsules). He explains that these are “discards”. Aberrations of some sort. Souls so damaged that they could not safely rehabilitate them without causing the suffering of many others. Serial killers spring to my mind and he confirms that is one example, but there is a much wider variety than I am thinking of. He is deliberately refraining from letting me know what other conditions might send a soul here. I tell him that there are certain random individuals I have encountered during my time on Earth who made me feel psychically uncomfortable, so much so that they left a lasting impression. He confirms that those are examples as well.

I ask him if they ever interfere, for example, in the actions of a serial killer before he or she dies to prevent more suffering. He tells me it is not their place to interfere with our lives in that manner. I wonder how souls could be defective like this if the Grays are so involved in their development. He makes an analogy to evolution; sometimes random variances occur which are incompatible with the rest of the species. I have lingering questions about why they choose other types of souls to discard, but it is clear he has no intention of giving me that information. Stuck on this aspect of the process, I ponder it silently until closure pulls me out.


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November 7th, 2021 (12:15)

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