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July 27th, 2021 (14:00)

I am standing in front of a large screen that is displaying some sort of electrical noise. The noise subsides, Earth slowly becomes visible in the distance and I realize this is what I had assumed was a window in the Gray control room. Beside me is the smaller male Gray. We are not at the control panel today, rather off to the side, our attention fully on the display which covers a good half of this room.

He wants to demonstrate how versatile this screen is. To begin, he shows me a scene of a little girl playing somewhere on Earth. Appears to be a modern, Western country. Much like the tablet which was presented to me before, the screen transmits everything to us in a virtual reality fashion, as if we are invisible observers, present but unable to interact with our surroundings. She is outside what I assume is her house, running around. Nothing out of the ordinary in this scene, save for the oddity and slight discomfort of us voyeuristically watching children from space.

Perhaps sensing my feelings, he transitions us to another relatively mundane scene of a market in what looks like India. I come to understand that what this screen shows is independent of where the ship we are on is facing. How it does this is not something he mentions, nor do I think to ask. While I am comfortable here on the ship with them, it can be an overwhelming experience and what would normally be obvious and pressing questions often have no chance to originate in my mind.

We next experience a scene that is not Earth. There are a variety of oddly colored natural objects of some sort; I cannot discern if they are plants, animals, or something else. One of them is hopping. Very difficult to even understand what we are looking at. This is truly an “alien” environment beyond my imagination. His lesson here today is that it can show images of places, planets, life-forms, all over some large section of the space we inhabit. Peculiarly, I do not feel any desire to use it to hop around different planets, even though there is some implication that I am free to do so. I feel content with the lesson imparted today. We stand there mostly in silence until closure pulls me out.


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