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July 3rd, 2021 (18:15)

Today, there is no sense of anyone waiting for me when I reach the induction phase. After leaving alone, I travel upward and again am in an unfamiliar setting. Slowly realize I am sitting on the throne in the same room visited previously. I ask who is with me, and the mantis entity reveals himself to be slightly in front and to the right. He is not sitting in the chair next to me, thus I am in a slightly elevated position. It feels uncomfortable, perhaps disrespectful, to be sitting on the throne.

I ask if we can finally communicate today. He replies we are almost there. I’m requested to look into his eyes again. Quite difficult to do so. My eyes dart between his left and right eyes. There is a white spark inside his head, which is easier to focus on. I somehow understand that is part of his soul. Some background noise (near my physical body) is intruding into this session, and he asks me to focus on his eyes. Again, I tell him it seems like we are communicating just fine. He explains that once this process is over, our communication will be on a higher level and they will impart some sort of secrets? There is a nuance to the idea of “secrets” which differs from the word as we know it. It seems to reference things I already know, or should know, but have forgotten.

As I continue to struggle with focusing, he admonishes me to the effect of “do you want to do this or not?” This is the most emotional outburst I have encountered from any of the entities so far in my journeys. With difficulty, if I concentrate on allowing his mind to fully enter mine, I can achieve a meditation-like state where he can do his work. I realize that there is a distinction between what he is doing now as opposed to the previous days; he picks up on the fact I realize this and tells me he is now working on syntax. Bits and pieces of memories and mundane slices of life are being spliced in a way that makes little sense. Once again, I lose track of time, place, sense of self. Closure pulls me back before the process finishes. As I leave, he tells me we are almost finished with this phase of increasing our communicative skills.


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