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July 4th, 2021 (12:40)

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

I am a bit surprised and slightly disappointed to arrive onboard the Gray-inhabited UFO after the promise of some form of high-level communication with the Mantis. The entity with me today I recognize as the tall Gray that was working on souls in the laboratory-type room. Looking at him, I think he must be the extraterrestrial equivalent of a doctor or scientist, but he corrects me mid-thought and explains that in that human terms he is more of a researcher. The room we are in is unfamiliar and has an artificial quality to it, with two objects that appear to be standard file cabinets. I tell him this camouflage is only confusing me and I would prefer to view it as it is. The artifice dissolves, and we are in a white, diffusely lit room similar to the others I have seen, empty save for two large compartments that are attached to the wall. They now appear roughly the same size and shape as coffins. 

With no apparent motion or movement, he makes the front of these compartments transparent. They are filled with the lights of what I now recognize as souls. Not separated, they are in an entangled mass, swirling about and interacting with each other. Twisting about and changing colors as they mingle. He tells me they are from the deceased, which is what I assumed the other, individual souls I have seen were from. No distinction or explanation is offered. 

Looking at them makes me quite uncomfortable, akin to watching a large group of people involved in an orgy of sexual activity. He senses my discomfort and explains that the reason I feel this is that my soul is currently in a distinct form, separate from others. I ask why they are storing them this way and not in the capsules previously seen. He tells me it helps them grow and develop. Wondering if they simply exist in this state indefinitely, he tells me they cannot, for they only finally evolve once separated. There is some nuance to this I do not understand. Growing, developing, evolving… these things are all communicated as concepts, not words, which does little to help clarify matters. 

I become a bit bored, as it is apparent that this is all he intends to show me today and it continues to feel voyeuristic. As my mind wanders, he impresses upon me I am lucky to have a soul that is separated and evolving, as if I’m getting closer to some goal. The experience ends with the closure process pulling me back.


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