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June 11th, 2021 (10:00)

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

After arriving inside the UFO, I am looking through a circular translucent window at the Earth from space. I ask no one in particular if I can come in. There is a reply that I am in. To be more specific, I ask if I can turn away from the window. They tell me I am in a waiting area. It is becoming difficult to stay separated from my body while I stare back down to Earth.

Eventually, a female Gray greets me. It is difficult to discern exactly how I know this a “female”, perhaps feminine, might be a better term? I have no way of knowing if they have such distinctions. As I saw yesterday with the “nurses”, she appears to be disguised as a human female, with some sort of clothing and, surprisingly, eyeglasses. She tells me to follow her.

We arrive in a nondescript room. It is very plain, with slightly off-white surfaces to everything. I see nothing of note in here beyond some protrusions in the ground. She slides open one of these revealing a drawer of sorts, revealing to me what at first glance seems to be large test tubes. They are roughly the size of a 500ml PET bottle, perhaps thicker and slightly square. They look as if they are made of stone. There is some indentation on them, but aside from that, they are just solid tubes. Upon consideration, they look little like test tubes at all, and I am not sure how I came to that conclusion. It is hard to tell what I am looking at. There are maybe a dozen in this space. I try to take one out, but she tells me they don’t come out. I ask her what is inside them. She explains something to the effect of “you are.” The use of the “you” is not a spoken word. None of her communication is. These communications are taking place telepathically and in ideas, not language as I understand it. She further explains that they take human consciousness and experiences to save here.

She’s just sitting there with the drawer open, as I look at these tubes. I don’t know what to do, puzzled by what they are and why she is showing them to me. I begin to feel myself slipping back into the physical. The closure process ends with a jolt and I return to my body.


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