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June 27th, 2021 (17:00)

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Ready to leave my body well before the induction is finished. Today upon arrival I am thankfully not at the waiting window. I cannot tell what this room is. Feel a touch on my arm, look to my right and see the masculine small Gray. He tells me not to strain so hard to see, and not to worry about the room.

After relaxing, I can see what looks like a molded sofa in front of me. I sit down in an attempt to get my bearings. I see in front of the sofa some sort of console, resembling a very minimalistic control panel. Beyond this, I see a large curved window or screen showing that we are in orbit near Earth. I am confused as I thought I saw a control panel on my very first visit. He explains the controls are, in fact, in front of where I’m sitting. They are too far to reach from my seat. He tells me they do not require touch to use. I realize that what I am sitting on is not a sofa. It is, in fact, three molded chairs of some sort, all connected and with armrests.

He tells me I can try to control the ship. I am hesitant to do so, do not know how, and express doubt that I can do so. He urges me to try. Without effort, I psychically connect with the ship; it feels as if it is enveloping my brain. I can feel the outside surface and hear something… a dull, droning sound? Or a rushing of air over the surface? He tells me that is the sound of space. At a complete loss for where to go. The moon is suggested, but I cannot tell where the suggestion came from. It could have been my own, from him, or even from the ship itself. In an instant, we zoom over to the dark side of the moon. There is activity here. Things are floating above the surface, and tall structures protrude high into the air. While this should be a fascinating experience, I find it rather boring and decide to move to Earth.

Again, in an instant, we zoom down to above the area where our condominium is, at roughly half the height at which an airplane might fly. I am very concerned that it is not safe to be here at this distance. Surely someone will see us. He assures me it is safe and no one will notice. I can move the ship back and forth with ease just by thinking of it. Subtle movements, changes in speed and in altitude, etc. It is as easy as walking, something that happens almost without thinking. Closure brings me back to my body. I ponder this for a while and end up falling asleep for a bit.


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