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July 2nd, 2021 (12:30)

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

I am now beginning to regularly leave my body well before the inductions finish, able to go through each step ahead of the audio guidance. Today, like yesterday, I notice there is an entity waiting for me as I go deeper into hypnosis. There is an edgy, nervous energy to the presence. I take this as a sign that this being has a soul. The feeling of another inside your consciousness is like having someone walk in on you naked or amid some private act. Like they have crossed a line of individuality as humans that serves to keep others at a comfortable distance.

The same Mantis is with me and we are back in the throne room I visited yesterday. Given his uncanny resemblance to insects we have on Earth, I wonder if mantises, ants, and so on have souls. He explains they do not, nor do many other lower life forms. We are in almost the same position and placement in the room as before, so I try to look around from different angles to take in more of our surroundings.

He interrupts this and tells me to look at him in his eyes, because he wants to continue to find a way for us to communicate. I tell him we are communicating now. Is that not enough? He replies we can communicate on a deeper level and informs me he will scan my mind. I go back into the same confusing state of various memories and aspects of life zipping through my mind at breakneck speed. Completely losing all sense of time, place, and even self, as much of what I am experiencing seems unfamiliar. This scanning procedure takes up the entire session and the closure process pulls me back to my body before it has finished.


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