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October 10th, 2021 (12:45)

The feminine Grey is waiting for me. It appears we are in the “Kitchen” area again. I ask her to hold my hand to ground me to our location. She instead leaps right into my relaxed body. There is no warning or communication. I’m annoyed and warn her that I will end the session if she does not converse with me during the process. Very short, cursory affirmation. This time she begins at chest level and tries to assure me that it will not be as off-putting as before since she will not inhabit my head. I consent to let her feel around under that condition. She’s very interested in the mechanics of how my circulatory system and lungs are operating. The pulsing of my heartbeat, the rhythm of my breath. I understand that these are sensations they cannot feel due to the engineered nature of their bodies.

She moves into my arms, but they don’t provide her with much stimulation because they are at rest and not ambulatory. Next, she begins to move into my legs. [My left knee has had a minor, nagging injury for a couple of weeks after taking a fall on the pavement while running] When she arrives at the knee, she stops as if repulsed and is wondering how I can bear this discomfort. I tell her that it’s not that bad, and humans have to suffer much worse ailments than this. Encouraging her to move past it, she refuses. The minor pain in my knee is a completely foreign sensation to her.

I’m wondering what she thinks humans go through when the Greys themselves perform possibly painful procedures on humans. She explains that they can only mentally see the pain receptors in our bodies, but have no frame of reference as to what pain feels like. This seems so incredibly naïve to me that I lose a bit of respect for them. Beyond just the basic lack of understanding on an intellectual level, has she not learned this from others of her kind that have undergone the process of astrally inhabiting a human body before? I’m a bit dumbfounded by this development. She cautiously moves down my other leg, and then slowly down past my left knee before closure pulls me out. The selfishness, lack of respect, and ignorance of this interaction leave me hoping that our contact is limited going forward.

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