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September 27th, 2021 (14:30)

I can tell as I undergo my induction that the tan Mantis is waiting for me. We appear in what looks to be a giant mortar, with dark stone walls circling us. Very tall, at least twice my perceived height. The ground and air seem dusty. Immediately apparent that this is a warning, punishment, or some sort of message regarding my not keeping details of these visits secret. There is no threat, but he relates some message about how their activities must be shielded. Seems that this room is not functional at all, rather a metaphor. I get the impression he enjoys telling me this? Odd. Nothing of note happens save for us standing here until I return to my body.

[The morning before this projection, I participated in a MUFON ERT Zoom meeting. During the meeting, one of the members relayed a story about a case of his where the experiencer reported that a mantis-type being told her that they police our part of the galaxy. I private messaged him that a similar thing had been revealed to me. My interpretation after this session was that it served as a warning of sorts.]


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November 7th, 2021 (12:15)

Arrive accompanied by the female Grey. She is rather reserved today, making no attempt to merge consciousness; seems almost reluctant to communicate. There is a large, rectangular box in front of us.

November 2nd, 2021 (15:00)

I arrive in a very hazy room, there is a large trapezium, perhaps around six feet tall, in front and to the left. Initially, the top is bright as if lit, but the light soon fades. The tall Grey is wit

October 14th, 2021 (15:00)

I arrive to meet the tall Grey. Unable to tell where we are, I ask for him to hold my wrist for grounding. At this point memory blanks. Approximately one hour later I wake up feeling as though I have


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